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Happy Birth Day: Birth Strategies - The collection

See how different mothers manage the challenges of labor with movement, relaxation techniques, immersion in warm water, breath, massage, and partner support. Witness the astonishing moment of birth - watch a woman become a mother, a couple become a family. Labor Strategies - Mothers use massage, warm water,and breathing to manage pain. Continuous Support - Partners provide crucial emotional support and encouragement. Movement - See how pain can be managed through movement and positioning during labor. Skin to Skin - Watch mom and baby meet--the miracle time, the magical hour, immediately after birth.
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Latch 1,2,3...Troubleshooting breastfeeding in the early weeks

Breastfeeding is the best choice for mothers, babies, families and society. But what happens if there are breastfeeding challenges in the early weeks? This 17 minute DVD by Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding gives you a step-by-step problem-solving strategy to help breastfeeding work. Continuity of health care is important especially in the post partum period, and this DVD aids health care teams in sharing an understanding of baby states, feeding cues, and latch as well as reinforcing essential teaching points to breastfeeding families.
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Skin to Skin in the First Hour After Birth

Skin to Skin in the First Hour After Birth; Practical Advice for Staff after Vaginal and Cesarean Birth Skin to Skin This important video is intended to assist staff in providing behaviorally appropriate, individualized, baby adapted care for the full term newborn using the best practice of skin to skin contact in the first hour after birth. The video is divided into three sections: the importance of skin to skin and examples of the baby's stages during the first hour; practical advice for staff after a vaginal birth; and practical advice for staff after a cesarean birth. In English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Norwegian and Finnish.
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The Lost Secret of the Throne

The Lost Secret of the Throne is a documentary film developed as a project between three mothers and their respective daughters on the cusp of womanhood. Developed as a project to reinforce the girls’ awareness of their own strength and the strength of women throughout history, the project explores the depiction of breastfeeding in Western popular culture through the lens of the three girls. The exploration begins 6000 years back in history in ancient Egypt with images of Isis, continues through the catacombs of Rome and images of Mary, and on into the museums of the world. Documented by the Healthy Children Project, filming takes place on location in Egypt, Rome, and London. The girls, guided by their mothers and a wise grandmother, work to make sense of the evolving images of breastfeeding in art as a reflection of a cultural framework of women, beauty and power. The three girls explore the secret language of popular culture: how does it speak to different eras, how can we learn to interpret it in different ages and what does it say to us today? The quest is one of intellectual self exploration and social awakening for the girls as they uncover the mysteries of icons representing female power and strength.
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The Magical Hour

Welcome to The Magical Hour The breathtaking award-winning DVD for prospective parents. Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr, ethnographer and international expert in implementing skin to skin in first hour, guides you through the beauty and magic of the first hour after birth. Combining stunning videography of babies during this amazing time with the humorous and practical insights of real parents and the grounded research of international experts Ann-Marie Widström and Lars Åke Hanson, this DVD is both heartwarming and informative. It has been well documented that holding a baby skin to skin in the first hour after birth is crucial for improving health, establishing breastfeeding and creating a priceless bond between mother and newborn baby. Every baby goes through nine amazing stages when skin to skin with their mother during the first hour. Each of these stages are beautifully illustrated and discussed. This 30 minute DVD asks parents who have experienced skin to skin to share their thoughts and feelings about what this magical first hour after birth meant for them and their child. International in scope, it will give parents a realistic view of what it means to spend that first hour in direct uninterrupted contact with the new life they have been given.
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