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Happy Birth Day: Birth Stories Volume 1

Happy Birth Day: Birth Stories Volume 1
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Run Time: 31 minutes
Size: 352.4 MB
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Happy Birth Day: Birth Stories Volume 1, shares three unique and separate stories of expecting mothers and their partner along with supportive hospital staff as they journey through late pregnancy, labor, and birth together.

Each mother shares her own compelling birth story.

Debra: Debra delivers her second baby without drugs and manages her labor with awe-inspiring strength.

Tara: Tara pays close attention to her body’s response to each stage of labor as she and husband Gary experience a beautiful, tranquil birth.

Amanda: It is Amanda's second baby and she wonders if this birth will happen as quickly as her first or will she get to spend some time in the tub; something she missed out on the with her first baby.

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